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(Build b721) – 9 May 2014


  • Added new MISRA 2008 and All Check scripts.
  • Corrected reporting errors in Java naming convention scripts.
  • Corrected reporting errors in MISRA 2004, MISRA 2008 and All Check scripts.


  • When analyzing in und, warn users if a named root definition is missing, and stop analysis.
  • Added an option to und to add the files and file override settings from one database to another database. The format is “und add from.udb to.udb”.


  • Fixed editor truncate column setting with automatic Fortran format detection.
  • Fixed extra save dialog when the option to save on application deactivation is enabled.
  • Fixed failure to load Fortran ‘free format file filter’ files in free format in the editor.
  • Fixed project settings persisting after cancelling the project settings dialog.


  • Zoom on graphs starts from the mouse position (like google maps).
  • Fixed Cluster Control Flow Graph display of multiple lines of comments.
  • Fixed control flow graph failure with the comment option enabled.


  • For Javascript, added full names for nested entities.


  • Added an option to the entity filter (menu->Filter Unresolved Entities) to filter unknown/unresolved entities from the list.


  • Add $ref->macroexpansion to perl API.
  • Fix API lexer when accounting for macro expansion to not add 1 to the lexeme ending column.
  • Add uperl api function ->macroexpansion(), to return the expansion text of macro references.


  • Add support for the extension @interrupt in Cosmic compilers to appear between ‘static’ and the function type.


  • Fixed an issue with Open and Close all items sometimes not working with non project files.
  • Potential fix to an issue where a Favorite item is not shown but still exists.


  • Added missing references to using directive declarations in function scope.
  • Fixed worker process crash on files containing a UTF-16 or UTF-32 byte-order-mark.


  • Added Ref.macroexpansion() to the python api.
  • Updated python api documentation for db.close() to warn users that accessing objects belonging to that database after db.close() can cause a crash.