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(Build b720) – 1 May 2014


  • Fix api lexer when accounting for macro expansion to not add 1 to the lexeme ending column.


  • Updated the Text Selection to reflect rich text in the tooltip if available.


  • Enabled double-click toggling of expansion state, and standard keys (+/-/*/right/left/down/up) on tree views that didn’t yet support it.
  • Fixed project configuration progress dialog hang.


  • Add MaxEssential metric for c++ files and functions, c#, Fortran, Java, Pascal, Python, and web languages.
  • For Pascal metrics, fixed bug where Max and Sum metrics for Units did not include information from class methods. Also, removed all metric values for unknown and unresolved routines.


  • Fixed clang static analyzer checks to search the project for includes when the option to search project includes is set.
  • Fixed incorrect Objective-C property and synthesized ivar reference scopes.