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(Build b719) – 29 Apr 2014


  • Fixed bug where sets of array components were sometimes recorded as uses if there were unknown types used in the array declaration.


  • Corrected reporting errors in MISRA 2008, MISRA 2004 and AllCheck scripts.
  • Fixed enumerator naming conventions check.


  • Understand editor now supports CRCRLF as a line ending.
  • Enabled pasting with multiple insertion points with Alt+ column select.


  • Updated the Editor tabs to include the “Add to Favorites” in the context menu regardless if is a project file or not.
  • Added the ability to close all open editor items that are associated with a Favorites group.
  • Updated to include a “Remove From Favorites” where appropriate. Updated to only show Favorite groups that do not already have the file/entity/architecture (included in this is the remove).
  • Added an “Add to New Favorites” in the Editor selection. Removed the “Text Selection:” text from the Text Selection Tooltip.
  • Fixed an issue with Favorites groups not showing in the drop down menus.


  • Search for Missing Includes – Updated to save\cancel and not return to the Project Configuration.
  • Fixed clipped text and menu button in the information browser.
  • Hide the User Tools toolbar when it is empty.
  • Updated the project Wizard to allow for empty projects (no Directories/Files) when creating new projects.


  • Fixed crash in cluster control flow graphs for functions with do-while loops.
  • Removed text from toolbar, and instead showed entity name as first menu item (italic and disabled).
  • Added an option under Tools->Options->Graphs to control whether clusters have a background color (fill).
  • Fix crash on Graphs->Project Graphs menu.


  • Added support for some of the new Java 8 syntax.


  • For Java metrics, fixed bug where Unknown Methods were given a RatioCommentToCode metric of 0.


  • Changes to the script. Thanks John M!


  • Fixed call reference type to template type parameters.