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(Build b717) – 11 Apr 2014


  • Revert preservation of /r/n in rich text copy. Use editor font size.
  • Fix for custom styles sometimes becoming uneditable.
  • Added option to disable preformatted white space in rich text copy. Use this option to work around broken HTML rendering in Microsoft Lync.


  • Fixed failure to save main window size and location settings when the application is closed without any project open.
  • Windows only – Reordered the title bar to reflect the open project first, then the selected editor and then the Understand brand and build number. This allows window users to have multiple instances of Understand open and see each project name in the taskbar easily.
  • Dependency Browser – Added Expand All and Collapse All to the right click menu.
  • Fixed auto-complete crash on Windows.
  • Fixed editor history so that editing definition did not add two results to the editor history when editing the definition involved opening a file.
  • Fix for issue on windows where some windows disabled the close icon in the upper right corner.
  • Added the ability to toggle “auto complete enabled” by a key binding.


  • Fixed the Visio XML export on cluster graphs to correctly export clusters.
  • Don’t show unknown or unresolved references in entity cluster graphs (they are the nodes that disappear when double clicked).


  • LicenseServer Windows tray app – Updated the almhostid command to try to fix an issue where almhostid was not functioning correctly.


  • Find in Files – Updated the Directory and File search pages to use the currently set directory unless the user specified directory (Tools – Options) is being used.


  • db.archs(ent) will now return automatic architectures (like directory structure) as well as custom ones.


  • Made some improvements for handling overloaded attribute names.


  • Restored incremental search turning red when the search has no results.


  • Fixed crash running a Perl user tool without any database open.