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  • Changed Add/Edit Annotations Dialog to automatically create a new annotation and give the text window focus when there are no previous annotations.


  • Added new CodeCheck scripts for MISRA 2008, MISRA 2004 and AllCheck.
  • Checks that looked for Commented Code could fail after the first file.


  • Edit companion files is only enabled when there are companion files, and opens the companion file for the file of the context menu rather than the active editor file.
  • Fixed regressions in the license server tray app on Windows.
  • Companion file list no longer includes object files (.o or .obj).
  • Save bookmark expansion state in the bookmark window during a database reparse.
  • Metrics Summary – Fixed an issue where more than two decimal places were showing on the report instead of being truncated.
  • Updated the Metric Browser, the Metric Summary and the Metric Export to show tooltip description of the metric.


  • Control Flow Graphs – Updated to allow users to control the zoom by pressing ctrl+shift and use the mouse wheel.
  • Added a right-click menu option to change the default for showing node children.
  • ctrl+alt+click on an entity in a cluster graph will go to the definition of the entity.


  • Fix some required files not being shipped in Solaris build kits (introduced in 715).


  • Find in Files – Added the ability to check/uncheck directories/architectures/files that the user has added instead of only adding or removing them.
  • The find at the bottom of the editor window now has a most recently used history.


  • Fixed calculation of PercentLackOfCohesion metric for Objective-C classes containing property declarations.


  • The parameters for a user tool now supports > to separate the parameters from stdin. Text and Macro Expansions following the < sign are sent to stdin before any text from the selection or file.
  • When running a user tool that uses $PromptForPassword, the password is now replaced with *s in the window title and status bar of the command window.
  • Fixed issue where dragging motion in user tools configuration overwrote tool information.


  • Fixed syntax error on tag names with ‘.’ characters.