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  • Added an accelerator key for Add/Edit annotations dialog box on the save button.


  • Updated to remove licensing.
  • Hopefully a fix for buildspy when compiler commands are really really long. Information is now sent from the wrapprs to buildspy in increments.


  • Update “Macro Not Within Block” check and “#undef Not Used”.
  • Added several Perl scripts to MISRA 2008, MISRA 2004 and Allchecks.
  • Scripts that check for external objects being declared once are now faster and only check the selected files.
  • Add option to ignore violations in inactive code to the “avoid #undef” CodeCheck check.


  • Und now processes wildcards before processing any commands, so wildcards work anywhere a list of files appears. Wildcards like */*.cpp also work now.
  • Und now allows any override file setting to take multiple files. The format for multiple files is the override command, the list of files, ==, and then the value(s) for the override. The value(s) are then applied to every file.
  • Und now maintains contact with the license server.
  • Und prints out the file path of the json database and the number of files added from that database when adding a cmake json database.
  • Und now accepts -cc and -cxx to specify the compilers on an add build log command.


  • Gave the python api access to named roots so asking for a lexer from a file with a named root works.
  • The Editor History tracks each file that becomes active, so drag and drop files and recapturing windows are picked up by the file history.
  • Changed editor history to only compare the file range if both file ranges are for the same file.
  • Compare – Updated the Compare features to allow users to set left/right Text/Files/Entities as well as initiate the compare from the right click context menu and bind application shortcuts to each of these actions.


  • Fix possible crash when filtering graphs by DefinitionFile.


  • Fixed problem where library modules with ‘import __main__’ were causing unresolved entities in some projects.


  • Removed Javascript property getter and setter methods from the Unused Program Units report.
  • Add support for named-roots files in uperl lexer calls.


  • Fixed option to control creating references in inactive code.


  • Added nextUseful and prevUseful to Perl API.


  • Added a $PromptForPassword option to user tools that is exactly the same as a $PromptForText except the characters are hidden as you type.


  • Fixed bug where some references to function properties created separate property entities.
  • Fixed bug where a function call using .call or .apply created both a use reference and a call reference to the function.
  • Made a ‘call ptr’ reference to functions referenced with ‘.bind’.