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  • Buildspy supports -cc and -cxx command line arguments that determine which compilers gccwrapper and g++wrapper call respectively. These command line arguments will override the configuration file if they are present.
  • Buildspy can be run incrementally, updating only the files it is run on (rather than requiring a clean build).


  • Und now gives error messages if you type gibberish in interactive mode, or attempt a command that requires a database without having given one.
  • Named roots stay as named roots after an analyze -rescan.


  • Added the ability for users to clear the Recent Files, Recent Projects, IB History and the Editor History.
  • Tools->Options->User Interface->Windows – Added the ability for users to specify how many Find in Files ‘Find’ items are listed in the drop down.


  • Made changes to improve processing speed in two pass parse.
  • Fixed potential crash in analyzing older projects.


  • Added missing implicit destructor calls for automatic member variables.