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  • C# References – Fixed an issue where users could inadvertently add a space before or after a value/reference pair that would cause an issue in parsing.
  • Fixed bug where trailing spaces on reference file names caused ‘unable to open dll file’ errors on linux systems.


  • Added additional MISRA C/C++ checks.


  • Configure Metric Charts – Fixed an issue where occasionally a leftover indexing file (.sql) from Configure Metric Charts would not be deleted.
  • Editor TabBar – Fixed an issue where after starting a new project the tab would be hidden.
  • Fixed an issue to only notify the user when favorites have changed and the database is locked when exiting (instead of always when the database is locked).


  • Fixed version function.


  • Made change to speed up processing on refresh parse. Standard files already in database are no longer written to database during refresh.


  • Added missing calls to operator new and operator delete.
  • Added missing references for out-of-line template class member function definition parameter lists.