New! Butterfly Graphs

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Our hierarchy charts have always shown one relationship, for instance “Call”, on a chart. We’ve just introduced “Butterfly” charts, which will show two relationships that are the inverse of each other. For instance, “Call and CallBy”, “Include and Include By”, “Derived and Derived By”. For instance, here is a butterfly chart for a function (click… Read more »

New! Splitting Workspaces

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We just added this toolbar section to the Understand 2.0 toolbar: It controls workspace splitting. Here are some examples. Click on them to see them bigger. Single document view workspace:   Split workspace – horizontal & vertical  

Browse Mode in the Editor

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The Understand editor’s “Browse Mode” makes all entities in the editor behave like links in a web browser. With a single click you can visit and update the Information Browser. The other way of exploring/learning about code in the editor is via the Right Click context menu. For instance, if I want to learn about allocstrAppend() I right… Read more »

Watched Dirs automatically update projects for new/removed files

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A frequent complaint of Understand 1.4 users was that unless their project was syncronized to an MSVC project it was difficult to keep Understand projects up to date about new files and especially hard to keep files removed from a project from showing up again when adding new code. Understand 2.0 addresses this with the “Watched Dir” concept. By default… Read more »

New Feature: Search in the Information Browser

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Have you ever looked at a call tree and wondered “is somefunction()” in there? B453, which you can download now,  introduces a new “incremental search” feature to the Information Browser that makes answering questions like that a snap. To use it hit select where you want to start searching from and then hit the Ctrl-F key… Read more »

How to get metrics with Understand

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Metrics have always been very tightly coupled with software engineering. Love them or hate them, there is usually no avoiding them. In Understand 2.0 we’ve significantly increased our ability to provide useful metrics about your project.  The metrics capabilities vary depending on what version of Understand you are using: Understand Engineer provides high level project… Read more »

Welcome Understand 2.0

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At the beginning of July we released Understand 2.0. It represented the culmination of about 3 years of work where we maintained and improved Understand 1.4 while simultenously developing a brand new version of Understand. Our goal for 2.0 was to make a tool that is a “must have” if you are maintaining code (and who… Read more »

Understand 2.0 Product Structure

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Concurrent to Understand 2.0’s movement from beta to release we are also announcing some product structure changes. 2.0 adds a lot of features, but not all those features are of interest to all engineers.  Or if of interest, then some do not need the same level of functionality.  And not all features require the same… Read more »