Open Code Files with Understand

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As of build 523, the .udb extension on Windows is associated with Understand and when a .udb file is double clicked it will open the Understand Project. Some users have asked for similar functionality with code files. In the past if you setup Understand to open a code file, by default it would open a… Read more »

Understand now supports Web Languages

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You can now analyze PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript files with Understand. Just select “Web” In the New Project Wizard and add your files. We’re excited about this new feature and would like your feedback, please let us know what you think or if you run into any problems.

UML Class Diagram

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We’ve developed a UML Class Diagram for Understand. You can grab it from the plugins page. Update: This diagram is now shipped with Understand and is available in the Graphs menu.

Dependency Graph

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If you’ve been looking for a way to visualize your high level code layout and intra-project dependencies, this is it. Watch this short video to get a taste of how useful these graphs are. Your browser does not support the video tag.

Understand powers metrics in recent IEEE Software article

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Dr. A. Gunes Koru and Dr. Khaled El Emam’s latest paper in IEEE Software, titled “The Theory of Relative Dependency: Higher Coupling Concentration in Smaller Modules”, turns conventional thoughts on where to test upside down by showing that smaller modules, not larger or more complex modules, can provide more effective testing payback in terms of… Read more »

Understand 2.5

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This weekend we released Understand 2.5 (build 507).  Its main changes include: Instant Search – a new feature which permits instant searching in even the largest bodies of code. Indexing starts after parsing ends. It operates in the background without holding up any other activities. When complete the search box in the upper right instantly… Read more »

User Tools enhancements (input/output)

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With build 476 we are adding an exciting new capability to User Tools. The ability to perform operations directly in the editor. In the the User Tool configuration menu (Tools | Configure User Tools), there are two new fields, Input and Output. As you might expect, the Input field lets you select what text you… Read more »

Changes to the Perl API

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We’ve made several changes to the Understand Perl API recently. The largest change was upgrading from Perl 5.6.0 to 5.10.0 in build 473. In addition to several cool new features like the smart match operators and switch statements, Perl 5.10 runs faster and has a smaller memory footprint. For more details on what the changes… Read more »

Scitools Labs: Dependency Analysis

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We’ve had dependency analysis in Understand for many years.  With B471 of Understand 2.0 we have consolidated it into a functional area of the tool, improved what it does and also added a few new dependency views. The Dependency Analysis capability provides these features: rapid browsing of dependencies for files and Understand architectures Dependents, Depends… Read more »