Build 713

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C#_PARSER C# References – Fixed an issue where users could inadvertently add a space before or after a value/reference pair that would cause an issue in parsing. Fixed bug where trailing spaces on reference file names caused ‘unable to open dll file’ errors on linux systems. CODECHECK Added additional MISRA C/C++ checks. GENERAL Configure Metric… Read more »

Build 712

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  (Build b712) – 7 Mar 2014 PARSER Fix c++ resolve of template static functions. PYTHON_API Fixed memory leaks in Python API. PYTHON_PARSER Fixed bug where circular imports between files where one of the imports occurs inside of a function could cause unknown or unresolved entities to be created. STRICT_PARSER Added missing throw and exception… Read more »

Build 711 and Earlier

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(Build b711) – 28 Feb 2014 CODECHECK Improve codecheck performance. Add option to allow multi-dimensional arrays when checking for pointer indirection. Results Locator – Fixed the csv export to export the file name formatted correctly. GENERAL View Dependencies – Added the Typedef entity type to the dependency types. Fixed periodically increasing idle memory usage introduced… Read more »

Windows 8.1 Supported

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We finished our official testing this morning and are happy to announce support for Windows 8.1. Our testing was done with Understand 3.1 build 694 – however earlier builds of Understand will probably work just fine.

API Tutorials

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Diving into the API documentation can be a little overwhelming, so here is a collection of tutorials to get you started. Part 1: Writing Your First Script Part 2: Entities and References Part 3: Lexers and Lexemes Part 4: Custom Graphs Part 5: Interactive Reports

Announcing Understand 3.1

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With build 642 we’ve added an awesome new feature called Background Parse. It is designed to let you get right to work on your project as soon as Understand opens, instead of needing to wait for the parse. Right away you’ll have access to the Project Browser and Editor windows, and as soon as the… Read more »

Windows 8 Fully Supported

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For those that like to live on the bleeding edge, we have tested Understand 3.0 with Windows 8 and they are fully compatible. You can grab the latest build of Understand here.

New Image/Visio Export Options

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We are happy to announce support for directly exporting graphs to a Visio compatible file. In the past we have used the Visio API to export Understand’s graphs to Microsoft Visio. Understand would attempt to launch Visio and use the API to interactively draw the graph in Visio. There were several problems with this approach,… Read more »

Understand 3.0

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We are excited to announce the release of Understand 3.0 (build 611 and later). We don’t like to make you wait for new features, so many of these features were already added in beta form and you may be familiar with some of them. There is an updated manual covering all of these new features,… Read more »

Duplicate Code Finder

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We offer a plugin to identify duplicated lines of code. You can grab it in the API/Plugins section of the support page. Update April,26 2012 – I’ve made some extensive changes to this script to improve performance and remove repeated results