Build 719

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(Build b719) – 29 Apr 2014


Fixed bug where sets of array components were sometimes recorded as uses if there were unknown types used in the array declaration.


Corrected reporting errors in MISRA 2008, MISRA 2004 and AllCheck scripts.
Fixed enumerator naming conventions check.


Understand editor now supports CRCRLF as a line ending.
Enabled pasting with multiple insertion points with Alt+ column select.


Updated the Editor tabs to include the “Add to Favorites” in the context menu regardless if is a project file or not.
Added the ability to close all open editor items that are associated with a Favorites group.
Updated to include a “Remove From Favorites” where appropriate. Updated to only show Favorite groups that do not already have the file/entity/architecture (included in this is the remove).
Added an “Add to New Favorites” in the Editor selection. Removed the “Text Selection:” text from the Text Selection Tooltip.
Fixed an issue with Favorites groups not showing in the drop down menus.


Search for Missing Includes – Updated to save\cancel and not return to the Project Configuration.
Fixed clipped text and menu button in the information browser.
Hide the User Tools toolbar when it is empty.
Updated the project Wizard to allow for empty projects (no Directories/Files) when creating new projects.


Fixed crash in cluster control flow graphs for functions with do-while loops.
Removed text from toolbar, and instead showed entity name as first menu item (italic and disabled).
Added an option under Tools->Options->Graphs to control whether clusters have a background color (fill).
Fix crash on Graphs->Project Graphs menu.


Added support for some of the new Java 8 syntax.


For Java metrics, fixed bug where Unknown Methods were given a RatioCommentToCode metric of 0.


Changes to the script. Thanks John M!


Fixed call reference type to template type parameters.

Build 718

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(Build b718) – 18 Apr 2014


Added new MIRSA 2008, MISRA 2004 and AllCheck scripts to CodeCheck.
Corrected reporting errors in MISRA 2008 and AllCheck scripts.


Fixed regression in prompting to edit read-only files.


Fixed possible crash when clicking on the ‘Analyze Changed Files’ tool button.
Fixed failure to center window navigator and editor companion popups over the main window. Updated window navigator layout. Fixed window navigator memory leak.
Keybindings – Updated to accept mouseclicks as shortcuts (not Left, Right or Middle).


Added a cluster control flow graph.


Find in Files – Updated the Directory/Files section to default to the project directory if there is a project loaded.

Build 717

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(Build b717) – 11 Apr 2014 EDITOR Revert preservation of /r/n in rich text copy. Use editor font size. Fix for custom styles sometimes becoming uneditable. Added option to disable preformatted white space in rich text copy. Use this option to work around broken HTML rendering in Microsoft Lync. GENERAL Fixed failure to save main… Read more »

Build 716

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ANNOTATIONS Changed Add/Edit Annotations Dialog to automatically create a new annotation and give the text window focus when there are no previous annotations. CODECHECK Added new CodeCheck scripts for MISRA 2008, MISRA 2004 and AllCheck. Checks that looked for Commented Code could fail after the first file. GENERAL Edit companion files is only enabled when… Read more »

Build 715

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ANNOTATIONS Added an accelerator key for Add/Edit annotations dialog box on the save button. BUILDSPY Updated to remove licensing. Hopefully a fix for buildspy when compiler commands are really really long. Information is now sent from the wrapprs to buildspy in increments. CODECHECK Update “Macro Not Within Block” check and “#undef Not Used”. Added several… Read more »

Build 714

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BUILDSPY Buildspy supports -cc and -cxx command line arguments that determine which compilers gccwrapper and g++wrapper call respectively. These command line arguments will override the configuration file if they are present. Buildspy can be run incrementally, updating only the files it is run on (rather than requiring a clean build). COMMANDLINE Und now gives error… Read more »

Build 713

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C#_PARSER C# References – Fixed an issue where users could inadvertently add a space before or after a value/reference pair that would cause an issue in parsing. Fixed bug where trailing spaces on reference file names caused ‘unable to open dll file’ errors on linux systems. CODECHECK Added additional MISRA C/C++ checks. GENERAL Configure Metric… Read more »

Build 712

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  (Build b712) – 7 Mar 2014 PARSER Fix c++ resolve of template static functions. PYTHON_API Fixed memory leaks in Python API. PYTHON_PARSER Fixed bug where circular imports between files where one of the imports occurs inside of a function could cause unknown or unresolved entities to be created. STRICT_PARSER Added missing throw and exception… Read more »

Build 711 and Earlier

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(Build b711) – 28 Feb 2014 CODECHECK Improve codecheck performance. Add option to allow multi-dimensional arrays when checking for pointer indirection. Results Locator – Fixed the csv export to export the file name formatted correctly. GENERAL View Dependencies – Added the Typedef entity type to the dependency types. Fixed periodically increasing idle memory usage introduced… Read more »

Windows 8.1 Supported

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We finished our official testing this morning and are happy to announce support for Windows 8.1. Our testing was done with Understand 3.1 build 694 – however earlier builds of Understand will probably work just fine.