Update Understand 2.0 Frequently

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If you are using Understand 2.0 I encourage you to update with each release. It is a young version and has a number of bug fixes and improvements introduced each week. In particular, if you are a Unix user you will want to at least update to B448 released today. It has a fix in… Read more »

Tip: Auto-Completion improved considerably in B447

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Probably the most welcome improvement in this weeks B447 build is the release of significant improvements in our auto-completion facility in the Understand 2.0 editor. The improvements are: It exists. It sort of did before but you had to hit ESC and it was just offering up a dumb lexical scan of the open file…. Read more »

Build Metrics: Build 447

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I’m writing this post using data and charts directly made by the the new “Metrics” menu of Understand 2.0.  It provides metrics browsing and charts directly inside of Understand 2.0.    How does this differ from our upcoming Measure tool?  Primarily in scope and flexibility. With Measure you can custom design charts and comparisons and automatically… Read more »

Find & Replace

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Beginning with Build 445 we released a new find/replace option in Understand that can be found under Search->Replace in Files The “find” part of “find and replace”  works exactly like “Find in Files”.

Understand 2.0 – using only the right pane in the diff view

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I keep a general watch on what is changing so I know where features are schedule wise, what engineers are working on, and also so I can spot check for appropriate solutions to some of our thornier problems (no bubble sorts please!).   I usually do this by doing a compare of my current source tree… Read more »

Understand 2.0 – comparing entities & arbritrary text

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One common task when maintaining software is looking at routines that are close copies of one another. Close… but not quite the same.  You might do this in refactoring or just in looking at a section of a routine that is doing what you want, and is working right, while what you wrote isn’t. Understand… Read more »

What was the one enum that changed?

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Of all the changes made last week – 3261 lines added, 934 removed, and 742 removed, just one enum changed… I was curious…. What was it?  Well, that is pretty easy to find out.

How much code do our people work on?

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Earlier, I showed you the Functional Decomposition architecture and used it and an about to be alpha tested tool called “Measure” to present measurements of the various parts of our source tree.  This was as a pre-cursor to doing weekly build size, complexity and change metrics reporting. Today, I’ll show you the other architecure I’ll… Read more »

How I Layout Understand 2.0: Rob G. , Scitools engineer

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Our engineers all use Understand 2.0 all day every day as they maintain it and also develop new features and tools. Rob G. recently joined us from Utah State University. Because we already had a Rob, we call him [new]Rob. So far he has added the Contextual Information Sidebar, re-worked the Architecture mapper, and also… Read more »

Using Architecture in the Information Browser

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Understand’s Information Browser provides a one stop source for virtually all available information about a given piece of source code (entity). So where is our new Architecture information in the Information Browser? Well, one obvious place is the Architectures field, which tells you what part of a given architecture the entity is in.  Here we can learn, quite… Read more »