Understand Build 943

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(Build b943) – 25 May 2018 STRICT PARSER Added ‘call ptr’ reference between Qt signals and slots referenced in connect calls.

Understand 5.0 Release

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Understand 5.0 is now available! Here is what has changed since Understand 4.0 was released: Visual Basic Support Codecheck Comment Keywords Application wide color schemes License Tracking Previewer window Annotation of individual lines VHDL control flow graph Java & C# UML Sequence diagrams Support for FORTRAN 2008 Hersteller Initiative Software Codechecks Additional Codechecks C++14 Support… Read more »

Cluster Call Graphs

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The interactive Cluster Call Graphs show the function call graph, organized by file. There are several variants of this graph: Call, Call-by, Butterfly and Internal Call. They can also be accessed from the function, class, file or architecture level. These graphs can all be accessed from the Graphical View right click menu for the entity…. Read more »

Codecheck Comment Keywords

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Good news for teams using Codecheck, build 868 lets Codecheck ignore violation via comments in the code. This will allow teams to specify areas in the code where exceptions are permitted and specify the rationale. For example:   goto RAINBOW; //UndCC_Line() Use of goto statement approved by Gerry T. on Nov 7,2014 This will create a… Read more »

API Location Changes for C, Python and Custom Perl

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In an effort to make our APIs more consistent a few of the API files have been moved around with build 858. Your code may need to be updated to reflect these changes. C API udb.h, libudb_api.so, udb_api.dll and udb_api.lib have all been moved to bin\<OS>\C Python API The bin\pc-win64\python folder has been capitalized to bin\<OS>\Python… Read more »

Code Quality Conference in the UK

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We’re excited to join our European partner Emenda at a morning seminar in Reading on Tuesday 18th October. The subject is: Software quality improvement, development process optimisation and cost reduction More details below, we hope to see you there! emenda_seminar_2016

Floating Licenses To Go

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Great news, if your team uses floating licenses you now have the option to checkout a license when you travel! When this feature is enabled by your server administrator a new section will appear in the Help->Licensing dialog in Understand while you are connected to the license server: Simply select the number of days you want to keep the license… Read more »

Tip – Editor Macros

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If you find yourself frequently adding boilerplate text, changing the same kind of text, or repeating something over and over again in the editor, macros may be your new best friend. You can record your actions in the editor, and then save them and replay them at whatever location you want. This is much more than… Read more »