Understand Build 914

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(Build b914) – 20 Oct 2017 FORTRAN PARSER Fixed error where in some contexts a macro that expanded to an empty string could cause syntax errors. Fixed some issues where macros expanding to multiple lines could cause bad line count values for files. GENERAL Fixed failure to restore some relative and named root files to… Read more »

Understand Build 913

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(Build b913) – 12 Oct 2017 C# PARSER Added CountDeclExecutableUnit metric for files. Changed file Avg metrics to no longer round values so they conform to Avg metrics in other languages. FORTRAN PARSER Fixed syntax errors caused by some macro expansions. Added CountDeclExcecutableUnits metrics. Fixed bug where average line metrics were incorrect for files containing… Read more »

Understand Build 912

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(Build b912) – 29 Sep 2017 INFOBROWSER Fixed crash in Ada IB introduced in Build 911. METRICS For Ada and Visual Basic, added CountDeclExecutableUnit metric that counts all units with executable code. PASCAL PARSER For Pascal/Delphi, made change to handle variations of the $I include command. PROJECT Updated Und remove command for directories (if Watched)… Read more »

Understand Build 911

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(Build b911) – 22 Sep 2017 CODECHECK Fixed an issue where CodeCheck detailed descriptions were not showing the entire detailed text. Updated TreeMaps to allow users to hide custom scaling outliers. Add Codecheck that looks for assignments in 'if statement' conditions. It has an option to ignore the assignment if it is nested in extra… Read more »

Understand Build 910

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(Build b910) – 15 Sep 2017 COMMANDLINE Fixed a crash in Und when adding absolute file paths. PARSER Fix lazy include mechanism to handle include files that contain non-native directory separators. Fixed crash introduced in Build 909 when doing a reparse-all on a c++ db.

Understand Build 909

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(Build b909) – 8 Sep 2017 C# PARSER Made changes to avoid a possible parse crash. COMMANDLINE Updated Und to better cope with malformed windows commands via the command line. PASCAL PARSER Fixed bug introduced in last release that caused syntax errors on some generic type instances. REPORTS Fixed very slow report generation for some… Read more »

Understand Build 908

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(Build b908) – 1 Sep 2017 PASCAL PARSER Fixed bug where include commands inside included files did not favor the local directory when searching for a matching file name. Fixed a problem with Compaq Pascal preprocessor commands. Fixed several syntax issues, including a syntax error on calling a function from an array of function pointers…. Read more »

Understand Build 907

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(Build b907) – 24 Aug 2017 PASCAL PARSER For Pascal/Delphi, fixed syntax errors on abstract class declarations and generic function calls with no parameters. For Pascal/Delphi, fixed some issues with generic declarations. For Pascal/Delphi, added 'Abstract Class' kinds. Also, added visibility information to short entity kind names to better conform to other language short entity… Read more »

Understand Build 906

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(Build b906) – 11 Aug 2017 C/C++ PARSER Added support for the 'arguments' field when creating a project with json files. CODECHECK Updated CodeCheck to correctly export and import checks with "//" in the check name. Re-add Hersteller Intiative Software (HIS) Metrics Codechecks that were accidently removed in build 902. WEB PARSER Added support for… Read more »

Understand Build 905

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(Build b905) – 5 Aug 2017 CODECHECK Fixed an issue in CodeCheck where the check name was preventing saving the individual check state. WEB PARSER Fixed syntax errors on nested template literals. Also, added reference to entities named in template literals. Added support for Php version 7.0 anonymous classes and 'yield from' statements.