Understand Build 946

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(Build b946) – 15 Jun 2018 API Add 1750A Assembly as an available api lexer. CODECHECK Added the ability to automatically save the current CodeCheck Violation results and load the results next time CodeCheck starts. This can be turned on/off in Tools ->Options – Auto Loading and Saving options. FORTRAN PARSER Fixed bug where some… Read more »

Understand Build 945

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(Build b945) – 11 Jun 2018 C# PARSER For c# 7, added support for out parameter discards, and for expression bodies on type cast operator declarations. CODECHECK Fixed an Understand CodeCheck issue with CheckID on a top level check. PASCAL PARSER Fixed syntax error on pointer dereference access to array. STRICT Added project config settings… Read more »

Understand Build 944

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(Build b944) – 1 Jun 2018 C# PARSER Fixed problem reading some C# 7 dll files. COMMANDLINE Fixed Und assert if create is passed with no database argument. GENERAL Update to the .udx feature. File – New UDX Project will create a project based on a .udx file. PROJECT Added the .udx feature to allow… Read more »

Understand Build 942

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(Build b942) – 22 May 2018 C# PARSER Full support for C# 7.0, 7.1 and 7.2 has been added FORTRAN Fixed lookup of entities by ‘renameby’ reference. JAVA PARSER For Java, fixed bug where overloaded functions merged if all parameters have types with the same short names. STRICT PARSER Fixed failure to search for include… Read more »

Understand Build 941

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(Build b941) – 11 May 2018 C# PARSER For C#, added support for some C# 7 pattern matching. SEARCH Updated Find in Files to save the configuration changes on a more dynamic basis. Also added the ability to only search the currently selected open file. Fixed a Find in Files issue where ยงยงยง search string… Read more »

Understand Build 940

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(Build b940) – 4 May 2018 C# PARSER Made additional changes for the support of C# 7 tuples. COMMANDLINE Updated Und CodeCheck detailed log in terminal output to not show the detail for ignored violations unless the -showignored flag is set.

Understand Build 939

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(Build b939) – 27 Apr 2018 API Fix crash in user_api. C# PARSER Made changes to support C# 7 tuples. INFOBROWSER Add Metrics IB field for web languages. STRICT PARSER Record 'call ptr' references for array subscript expressions. VISUAL STUDIO Changed handling of MSVC 2010 and later projects to ignore ExcludedFromBuild files that have a… Read more »

Function Pointer Support

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Function pointer support is available in Understand 5.0 when using the C/C++ Strict Parser. With this added support, Understand is providing the potential calls so that you can see the bigger picture. This screenshot shows the Information Browser in Understand 4.0 on the left, and Understand 5.0 on the right, with the same project and… Read more »

Understand Build 938

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(Build b938) – 20 Apr 2018 C# PARSER Added support for C# 7 nested methods, out variables, and in parameters. Fixed a bug where local constants were identified as variables.