Understand Build 963

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(Build b963) – 5 Oct 2018 C# PARSER Fixed a syntax error with nested string interpolation. CODECHECK Added proper datamember declaration codecheck. LICENSING Added automatic retry on appropriate licensing dialogs and updated various licensing dialog text. PASCAL PARSER Changed 'Assign Ptr' references to 'Call Ptr' to be consistent with usage in c++ projects. Added 'call… Read more »

Understand Build 962

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(Build b962) – 28 Sep 2018 COMPARE Fix hang when comparing entities and moving cursor quickly. GRAPHS Fixed duplicate comments in Visual Basic control flow graph. Fixed an issue with adding a graphic filter on a calls chart. Fix Internal Dependencies showing wrong number. LICENSING Added the -deregisterlicensecode command for und and understand command line…. Read more »

Understand Build 961

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(Build b961) – 21 Sep 2018 GRAPHS Cluster Control Flow graph update to allow the visio export to correctly reflect the user expansions done in the gui. PASCAL PARSER Fixed bug where include directives with string literal file names did not work. Also, fixed bug where for loop variables were reported as unused if they… Read more »

Understand Build 960

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(Build b960) – 14 Sep 2018 GENERAL Changed support for Green Hills Ada macro imports to allow lowercase 'define' keywords. Updated the new project wizard to allow visual basic projects to enable the Visual Studio import page. PASCAL PARSER Fixed a parser crash and some instances where name lookup was incorrect. Fixed bug where macros… Read more »

Understand Build 959

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(Build b959) – 7 Sep 2018 PASCAL PARSER Made changes to handle '.fmx' form files. Fixed bug where some references in .dfm files were not being picked up. REPORTS Made change to remove Delphi/Pascal predefined 'result' variables from the Unused Object Report.

Understand Build 957

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(Build b957) – 31 Aug 2018 CODECHECK Added CodeCheck Baseline igores functionality to Understand and Und. Added 3 Misra CodeChecks to be used for testing statements for improper use of '++' and '–' operators. FORTRAN PARSER Made changes to support .true., .false., and Fortran operators .LT., .GT., etc in preprocessing. GENERAL Add support for Green… Read more »

Understand Build 956

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(Build b956) – 24 Aug 2018 ADA PARSER Made changes to support Green Hills Ada preprocessor. INFOBROWSER Fix crash in IB Call tree for Delphi code containing overload references. INSTALLER Remove the legacy floating license server from the Understand package. It can still be downloaded from https://scitools.com/download/licensemanager/ PASCAL PARSER Fixed invalid syntax error on some… Read more »

Understand Build 955

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(Build b955) – 17 Aug 2018 GRAPHS Add Pascal support for UML Sequence Diagram. STRICT PARSER Added template argument list to template specialization qualified names. Don't count the implicit injected class name declaration as a decl statement.

Understand Build 954

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(Build b954) – 10 Aug 2018 ARCHITECTURE Fixed crash on analysis when editing an architecture with relative paths. CODECHECK Updated the CodeCheck treemap to allow users to double click on files and then open the "Results by File" tab and expand to that desired file with its associated violations expanded. Update 3.2lineSpacingNotUsedInComments.upl to have the… Read more »