Understand Build 793

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(Build b793) – 27 Jul 2015 PARSER Improved parsing of source files with apparent embedded null characters, due to missing or improper file encoding specifications. PYTHON PARSER Made change to count docstring literals as comments instead of statements. Fixed bug where an ‘import from’ an unknown module or package could result in an ‘unknown module’… Read more »

Understand Build 792

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(Build b792) – 18 Jul 2015 ANNOTATIONS Wrap Annotations in hover text in editor. CODECHECK Fixed bug in MISRA 2004 rule 8.8 and corresponding All Check script where declaration of namespaces was not ignored. In Codecheck Checks Panel, wrap the "Detailed Description: File\Path\…" label when it exceeds the width of the window. Updated the Ignored… Read more »

Understand Build 791

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(Build b791) – 10 Jul 2015 ANNOTATIONS Make the add/edit Annotations dialog non-modal. If a reparse invalidates the entity (or the scope for the line), then the Annotations cannot be saved. EDITOR Added an option to wrap Annotations at a given column, available under tools->options->editor->advanced settings. Show error message for crash on startup from missing… Read more »

Understand Build 790

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(Build b790) – 3 Jul 2015 ANNOTATIONS Fix crash in line annotations saving non-project file. CODECHECK In Codecheck Check List, select check when checkbox is clicked. EDITOR Change editor tab tool tip to show absolute path. Fixed hang on auto-indent after an unmatched closing parentheses. FORTRAN PARSER Added support for Fortran 2008 submodules. Added support… Read more »

Understand Build 789

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(Build b789) – 29 Jun 2015 ANNOTATIONS Fix some line annotation weirdness. Fix some line annotation issues on file save. COBOL PARSER Fixed line count metrics for lines containing both code and comments in free format. EDITOR Added option to print form feed inline instead of starting a new page. Fixed printing issues in files… Read more »

Understand Build 787

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(Build b787) – 22 Jun 2015 REPORTS Fix error in Imports report where only the first file for a given letter was printed.

Tip – Window Selector

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When using Understand it is possible to get to a point when you have quite a few windows open and want to be able to “browse” through the windows quicker and easier. The Window Selector is the perfect choice for this. To open the Window Selector, choose ‘View->Window Selector. Notice that it shows several graphs… Read more »

Understand Build 786

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(Build b786) – 19 Jun 2015 ANNOTATIONS Show Annotations in hover text in graphs. COBOL PARSER Fixed comment line counts in free format mode. CODECHECK Added MISRA 2012 Directive 4.3 to Code Check. Added MISRA 2012 Directive 4.4 to Code Check. Added MISRA 2012 Directive 4.5 to Code Check and updated language on MISRA 2012… Read more »

Understand Build 785

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(Build b785) – 14 Jun 2015 ANNOTATIONS Fix Remove All to work for line annotations. CODECHECK Fixed bug where notDefinitionsHeader.upl was not ignoring Template Functions. Fixed typo in magic number checks. Shortened the CodeCheck tab name and many of the graph tab names. Updated inlineFunctionsInClass.upl to ignore anything that is not a function. Fix error… Read more »