Understand Build 783

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(Build b783) – 29 May 2015 ADA PARSER Made change to allow '$' in identifiers to support the XD Ada compiler. C# PARSER Made change to use an appropriate named root for the mscorlib.dll file if one is defined. Made change to use named root paths instead of absolute paths for files imported through the… Read more »

Understand Build 782

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(Build b782) – 23 May 2015 CODECHECK Fix function length codecheck not working right in some scenerios. FORTRAN PARSER Made changes to handle Fortran 2008 codimension declarations. GENERAL Fixed licensing issue where a valid auto eval license was not recognized when exiting the Licensing Setup Dialog. Fixed licensing issue when no Understand.ini file is present… Read more »

Understand Build 781

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(Build b781) – 15 May 2015 COMMANDLINE In Und, change the name of the Import report to Imports to avoid name conflict with the command import. ECLIPSE Fix an issue where the Eclipse plugin failed to analyze when a graph was open. (To apply fix, you must update the Eclipse plugin from the update site)…. Read more »

Understand Build 780

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(Build b780) – 13 May 2015 FUZZY PARSER Add support for non-standard __typeof__ operator to GNU C, for fuzzy C parser. GENERAL Fixed performance regression on project open. GRAPHS Fix UML Class diagram not always rendering correctly when ‘Show Class Details’ was enabled. INSTANT SEARCH Moved calculation of out-of-date files onto indexer background thread to… Read more »

Understand Build 779

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(Build b779) – 8 May 2015 CODECHECK Change option layout for Control Character check. EDITOR Added the ability to annotate a line. Line annotations are tied to the scope entity where possible and are updated on reparse, opening a file, and saving a file. Externally modified files can be reparsed to restore the annotations to… Read more »

Understand Build 778

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(Build b778) – 2 May 2015 C# PARSER For c# control flow graphs, added label text to labeled statements. CHANGE Removed “Global Objects” option from the Compare Entities dropdown list. CODECHECK Add new codecheck to look for control characters like formfeed and bell. EDITOR Fixed editor detection of file names containing a plus. GENERAL Possible… Read more »

Understand Build 777

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(Build b777) – 24 Apr 2015 CSHARP PARSER Fixed bug where the essential complexity was incorrect for some routines with goto statements inside try-catch-finally statements. Also, in the control flow graph for these routines, duplicate deferred-goto links are no longer displayed. FORTRAN PARSER Made changes to add dimension text to variable type text. Fixed a… Read more »

Understand Build 776

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(Build b776) – 17 Apr 2015 C PARSER Fixed parser crash in essential complexity computations for extremely large functions. FORTRAN PARSER Fixed bug where declaration of an interface module procedure without the ‘module’ keyword caused a syntax error. Fixed bug where some uses of array constructors using square brackets to enclose values caused syntax errors…. Read more »

Understand build 775

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(Build b775) – 8 Apr 2015 CHANGE Fixed an issue where Compare Entites doesn’t work when Assembly language is selected. CODECHECK Updated several scripts to handle the C++ 11 foreach loop gracefully. Fixed issue with importing exported CodeCheck ignores. GENERAL Add a sort by file extension option to the Selector Window. Potential fix for bug… Read more »

Understand Build 774

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We recently sent out new floating license files that will support Understand 4.0, however we neglected to let you know that for Understand 4.0 to connect to this license, the license manager software also needs to be updated to version 770 or later. Sorry about that, it was an oversight on our part. The license manager… Read more »