Understand Build 777

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(Build b777) – 24 Apr 2015 CSHARP PARSER Fixed bug where the essential complexity was incorrect for some routines with goto statements inside try-catch-finally statements. Also, in the control flow graph for these routines, duplicate deferred-goto links are no longer displayed. FORTRAN PARSER Made changes to add dimension text to variable type text. Fixed a… Read more »

Understand Build 776

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(Build b776) – 17 Apr 2015 C PARSER Fixed parser crash in essential complexity computations for extremely large functions. FORTRAN PARSER Fixed bug where declaration of an interface module procedure without the ‘module’ keyword caused a syntax error. Fixed bug where some uses of array constructors using square brackets to enclose values caused syntax errors…. Read more »

Understand build 775

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(Build b775) – 8 Apr 2015 CHANGE Fixed an issue where Compare Entites doesn’t work when Assembly language is selected. CODECHECK Updated several scripts to handle the C++ 11 foreach loop gracefully. Fixed issue with importing exported CodeCheck ignores. GENERAL Add a sort by file extension option to the Selector Window. Potential fix for bug… Read more »

Understand Build 774

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We recently sent out new floating license files that will support Understand 4.0, however we neglected to let you know that for Understand 4.0 to connect to this license, the license manager software also needs to be updated to version 770 or later. Sorry about that, it was an oversight on our part. The license manager… Read more »

Understand Build 772-773

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(Build b772-b773) – 2 Apr 2015 ASSEMBLY PARSER For Coldfire 64K Assembly, made unknown include files referenced with a relative or absolute filename have a shortname and longname value. Also, made change to allow quote characters around filenames in include statements. CHANGE Added the compare right click context menu to non-project files. CODECHECK Updated discardedReturnValues.upl… Read more »

Understand Build 771

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(Build b771) – 20 Mar 2015 CODECHECK Updated MISRA 2008 rules 3-9-2, 7-1-1, 7-1-2, 9-3-3 and their All Check counter parts to be more accurate. COMMANDLINE Fixed bug in und add -exclude flag where wild cards were expanded instead of being assigned to the directory exclude field. GENERAL Disabled tooltips in editors that don't have… Read more »

Refactoring Tools

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We have recently added a great new feature to Understand to make any of your Refactoring needs easier. To change the name of a function, method, class, etc., right click on the entity name and select ‘Refactor->Rename’.       Type in the new name that you want to change it to and either select… Read more »

Understand Build 770

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(Build b770) – 13 Mar 2015 GRAPHS Fix issue with butterfly graph not showing virtual function calls. REPORTS Report Config – Fixed a crash in Und by removing the persistent dialog box that prompted users before the first time removing report directories. WEB PARSER For web php, fixed bug where trait alias definitions that did… Read more »

Entity Locator

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Sometimes a different type of search that provides more information can be a lot more useful than just a simple search. Take a look at the ‘Entity Locator’, available by going to ‘View->Entity Locator’. The Entity Locator consists of sortable columns of information. Additional columns can be added by clicking on the plus icon in… Read more »

Understand Build 769

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(Build b769) – 6 Mar 2015 CODECHECK Updated MISRA 2008 rule 7-1-2 and All Check script parameterShallBeDeclaredAsConst.upl to not require const qualification at the beginning of a declaration/definition. WEB PARSER For PHP, added support for short array syntax ($a=[1,2,3]). For PHP, added support for traits.