Understand 5.1 Release

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Understandâ„¢ version 5.1 is officially available with Build 974. This release includes all updates since February 2018 and most recently includes “under the hood” improvements that will allow our team to bring you improved performance, responsiveness, and new features. You will also find that we updated the look of Understand with fresh icons and dark… Read more »

Understand Build 973

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(Build b973) – 14 Dec 2018 PASCAL PARSER Made changes to fix some problems with overload resolution. Made changes to better handle calls to overloaded functions and procedures. PROJECT Fixed an issue with Und not adding directories in NamedRoots mode correctly.

Understand Build 972

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(Build b972) – 30 Nov 2018 ASSEMBLY PARSER For Coldfire 68K Assembly, added support for CodeCheck UndCC comments. COMMANDLINE Remove extra warnings when creating an offline request code in Und. GENERAL Add support for non-standard double UTF-8 BOM headers. STRICT PARSER Look through pointer and reference to function pointer types when recording 'call ptr' references.

Understand Build 971

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(Build b971) – 23 Nov 2018 COMMANDLINE Fixed an issue with adding files in Und. GENERAL Widened the default panel size for the project configuration dialog so that it can't be unreadable due to size constraints. Fixed areas that open in the bottom drawer to always open in a new tab.

Understand Build 970

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(Build b970) – 16 Nov 2018 CODECHECK Update fixedValuesConstants.upl to include an option to ignore indexes as magic numbers. GENERAL Added Project Name to the metric summary table. GRAPHS Update to the Visio xml export text positioning. METRICS Fixed issue with MaxEssential for directories being summed instead of displaying the max. For Web Javascript and… Read more »

Understand Build 969

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(Build b969) – 9 Nov 2018 ADA PARSER Fixed bug where a custom ada standard library path was overwritten by the default value. Fixed crash when parsing very large ada files while saving comments. C# PARSER Fixed crash in parsing of some code with syntax errors. Fixed syntax error on tuples used as type arguments…. Read more »

Understand Build 968

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(Build b968) – 5 Nov 2018 ADA PARSER Made changes to allow gnat Ada unicode character encoding. GENERAL Fix crash introduced in build 967 when creating new project.

Understand Build 967

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(Build b967) – 2 Nov 2018 ADA PARSER Fixed some syntax errors parsing the GNAT standard library files. Added support for raise expressions. SEARCH Fixed an issue in Find in Files where only project files were being searched for a directory search. VISUALSTUDIO Fixed problem parsing Visual Studio project files that contain xml CDATA content.

Understand Build 966

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(Build b966) – 26 Oct 2018 GENERAL Updated the ability for the user to specify the portability mode for include paths. PYTHON PARSER Added CountClassCoupled metric.

Understand Build 965

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(Build b965) – 24 Oct 2018 PASCAL PARSER Fixed problem where unused type report did not include some unused classes. Fixed error where context on 'initialization' and 'finalization' routines were sometimes incorrect.