Understand Build 990

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(Build b990) – 7 Jun 2019 CODECHECK Removed Beta Clang checks from CodeCheck. Let us know if your team was relying on them and we can work with you to address the change. EDITOR Undo replace all and save actions as a single operation FORTRAN PARSER Made change to allow dec 'type' statement for 'print'… Read more »

Understand Build 989

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(Build b989) – 30 May 2019 ARCHITECTURES Fix possible crash on architecture delete. CODECHECK Fix failure to visit source by double-clicking on some violations. COMPARE Fix regression in hiding the resolve progress indicator after opening a comparison database. EDITOR Fix occasional stuck drag operation on macOS. FORTRAN Fix import of filenames from Fortran Visual Studio… Read more »

Understand Build 988

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(Build b988) – 7 May 2019 C# PARSER Fixed several issues that lead to syntax errors on valid c# code. Added recognition of some additional Unicode space characters. LICENSING Fixed a node lock issue where not all user accounts were working correctly. MACOS Fixed performance regression on MacOS. METRICS Changed new PercentLackOfCohesionModified metric available for… Read more »

Understand Build 987

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(Build b987) – 26 Apr 2019 METRICS For C#, Visual Basic, Pascal, and Java metrics, added a new PercentLackOfCohesionModified metric that does not penalize the use of accessor functions/methods within a class to set/read variables. The purpose of the metric is to give a lower value than the regular PercentLackOfCohesion metric when accessor methods are… Read more »

Understand Build 986

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(Build b986) – 20 Apr 2019 API Add comparison_db method to Java API. C# PARSER Fixed invalid syntax errors parsing some interpolated strings and some typeof expressions. GENERAL Fixed errant support message on Getting Started page. WEB PARSER For Web/Javascript, fixed syntax errors on some uses of 'final' as a variable name. For Web/Javascript, fixed… Read more »

Understand Build 985

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(Build b985) – 13 Apr 2019 FORTRAN PARSER Fixed bug where some forward references of subroutines resulted in 'unresolved' entities. Fixed error where some 'external' routine declarations created unresolved subroutines. Fixed error where local names for use-only items were sometimes identifed as unresolved functions. GENERAL Fix occasional QMutex threading error when exiting und

Understand Build 984

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(Build b984) – 5 Apr 2019 C# PARSER Fixed parser hang on some self-referential generic type instantiations. Fixed several bugs where valid code produced syntax errors. GRAPHS Fixed an issue where Graphs were not displaying the option to export to .Dot files on Mac and Linux for appropriate graph types.

Understand Build 983

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(Build b983) – 29 Mar 2019 C# PARSER Fixed several syntax issues. Fixed bug where array initialization on a stackalloc caused a syntax error. CODECHECK Add Basic language support to metrics checks. EDITOR Add key binding to toggle read-only mode. IREPORT Fix spurious comparison view on double-click.

Understand Build 982

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(Build b982) – 26 Mar 2019 BASIC PARSER Added support for VS 2017 tuples and for unnamed parameters after named parameter association in a call. Made changes to support VS 2017 tuple types, binary literals, and to allow underscores in numeric literals. CODECHECK Add templates for user created templates. GRAPHS Update butterfly graph to correctly… Read more »

Understand Build 981

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(Build b981) – 15 Mar 2019 BUILDSPY Fix Buildspy RPATH so LD_LIBRARY_PATH does not need to be explicitly set. COMMANDLINE Add Und support for Green Hills Ada macro definition file format for importing ada project macros. COMPARE Fix failure to edit files containing entities that are being compared. IREPORT Add comparison link function. PYTHON PARSER… Read more »