F-22 aerospace example of Understand application

The IDE Built for Ada

Understand™ is used on hundreds of millions of lines of Ada and VHDL source code every day by the world’s top aerospace and auto manufacturers. Try it for yourself and see how Understand™ can make your job easier.

Understand™ Features

Handles Millions of Lines of Code

  • Rapidly analyze projects in excess of 20 or 30 million lines of code
  • Easily keep your "as-built" documentation, metrics, and design information up to date
  • Incorporate Understand™ easily into daily or weekly builds

Software Metrics

  • Lines of Code
  • Statement Counts
  • Cyclomatic Complexity and hundreds of other metrics
  • Instant metrics for project monitoring and deliverable Ada documentation
  • Metrics can be exported into spreadsheets or databases

Supports All Ada Variants 

  • Ada 83 (Mil-Std-1815)
  • Ada 95
  • Ada 2005
  • Ada 2012
  • Also supports:
  • VHDL

Graphical Design Reverse Engineering

  • How is your code ACTUALLY built? 
  • Set your code in an instance with graphical reverse engineering views.
  • See package relationships, module dependencies, data inputs and outputs and other key dependency information. 

Language Specific Knowledge

  • We recognize Ada and VHDL as their own languages with unique features
  • Understand™ knows Ada as a compiler knows Ada
  • Understand™ recognizes strong typing, packages, templates, tasks, and promotable objects

Find Bugs Before They Find You

  • Use Understand's CodeCheck feature to find programming standard violations and other coding quality/risks as early as you can.

Just inherit a massive Ada or VHDL project? Understand™ can help.

"I work as an Air Force defense contractor. I was assigned to the task of porting an OpenGL 3D application from VAX DecWindows to Linux X Windows. The government maintainer would add code as needed, but never delete anything. There was no SCM for version history. Using the various features of Understand, I was able to create a functioning prototype in 3 months and eliminated 90% of useless and unneeded code.

I was so impressed with Understand’s capabilities that I bought a single developer license for personal use on my home projects. If I’m willing to spend my own money for a software tool, you know I like it."

Jim Knox, Software Engineer, Northrop Grumman

Visualize Your Code

Smart Editor

This powerful editor completes your code and uses our Heads Up Display mode to tell you information about the line or entity you are looking at. The editor is built to help you maintain and understand large bodies of code, even if other people wrote it.


CodeCheck Tool

Set standards and automatically enforce them. The CodeCheck feature uses advanced static analysis to identify quality issues and Ada standards violations before they deploy.


Diagram Your Ada or VHDL Code

Understand generates interactive diagrams of the design of how your code is built (As Built rather than As Intended).  The diagrams include With / With By, Structure Charts, Control Flow Graphs (flowcharts), Dependency Diagrams, Metrics Heat Trees, and many more. 



Declaration Graph - internal structure and dependencies in one picture
Control flow graph (flow chart)
Heat Map shows high complexity code

I built Understand™ for myself

Everything in the original Understand™ came from my experience as an embedded Ada developer for a variety of communication, avionics and weapons system projects written in 100% Ada.  After I left that world to write tools, further Understand™ features came from large projects telling us what they needed.

I urge you to try it for yourself.  I couldn't imagine maintaining a large Ada project without Understand™.

Ken Nelson

Try Understand™ for Yourself

See how the world's most powerful Ada and VHDL source code comprehension tool can help you code smarter. It's up and running in under five minutes and comes with legendary product support. You’ll have two weeks to explore all that Understand™ can do for you, no credit card required.